Don’t let your Trip Hazard become a Slip Hazard GRIND IT!

Sidewalks, pathways, courtyards, playgrounds, parking lots, etc.

Rooted Retrofitting’s trip hazard removal of roots or earth settling damaged to walkways uses technically advanced equipment to inspect and repair walkways, for a fraction of the cost of walkway replacement. Our data collection including GPS and photographs help public works officials and property managers pinpoint all trip hazards quickly keeping your trip hazard liability low.

Rooted Retrofitting’s concrete grinding improves property safety and complies with the ADA (American Disabilities Act) or REAC (Real Estate Assessment Center) Standards.

Rooted Retrofitting brings with it a very strong HUD REAC background.  Having completed over 300 Pre-REAC and REAC Escorts, our co-founder Hugh, has interfaced with dozens of REAC Inspectors and their QA’s state wide and will be invaluable with appeals and code issues

Hazards (Health and Safety – Site)

  • Sharp Edges
  • Tripping Hazards

Grounds (Site)

  • Erosion/Rutting Areas
  • Overgrown/Penetrating Vegetation
  • Ponding/Site Drainage/Obstructed

Walkways/Steps (Site)

  • Broken/Missing Hand Railing
  • Cracks/Settlement/Heaving
  • Spalling

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